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Chess Moves Against Violence

Monthly Chess Lessons

​2nd Tuesdays of the Month 


​007th District Police Station

​1438 W. 63rd Street

​Chicago IL 60636

Weekly Chess Lessons



​Lafayette Plaza

​50 W. 71st Street

​Chicago IL 60621


Recent events in Chicago put me in the mind of what a war zone must feel like.  Witnessing these tragedies bring out feelings of fear, mistrust, frustration, anger, disppointment and shock.  When a child has to worry about violence when undertaking simple, ordinary things like walking to school and catching a bus, it is stealing the innocence of their childhood.

~ Raydell Lacey, Founder of Not Before My Parents

Our Vision is to empower the youth through the game of chess.  Chess promotes healthy competition and it motivates as well introduce this sport to youth who may not have otherwise considered it.  Rather than choosing violence, members of the chess teams will sit down and work out their differences using stategic moves over the chess board.

A grandmaster who has mastered the game of chess as well as the events of life will utilize chess training to revive and transform the minds of all who are fortunate to take part of the lessons we offer. 

A national Chess tournament is the mission of Not Before My Parents (NBMP)​.  We will kick off this endeavor by forming teams in the Chicago Englewood Community.  These teams will participate in our yearly chess tournament that will render a NBMP champion. 

If you desire to form a chess team please contact us.  *****PLEASE NOTE***** in order to form a chess team you must be a group, company or organization.

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​Chess Club Lessons

​Ages 6 & Up